Welcome To Finbar Neighbourhood House

Finbar will be open to the public from Wednesday 3rd November

Directions for Metro Melbourne and Regional Victorian neighbourhood houses as of 6pm, 29 October 2021

Proof of full vaccination
 will be required at the entrance to the premises for people 16 years and over, visiting the neighbourhood house for all non-essential activities such as social groups, physical recreation classes, arts and craft classes, community events, as well as for students of adult community education. 

We are offering a limited range of activities at this time to ensure we are able to follow all guidelines and safety protocols.

Community composters - Our compost bins are now open for 'do it yourself' composting.  Bring along your scraps and empty your own buckets.

Aerobins/compost bins located in the school grounds are only available for access before 8.30am and after 4pm Monday-Friday.  Weekends available at all times.  Please do not overfill the bins.

The bucket service will not be operational until Monday 22nd November.

Our recycling area for ewaste, jars, newspapers are now accessible.