Community Garden Project

Winner - Yarra Sustainability Awards 2018
               'Community Action: Urban Regeneration Project'

Finbars Community Garden project is now up and running and we would like to thank the City of Yarra for providing funding for the project.   We have installed 10 large garden beds and our aim is to plant, raise & care for edibles at Finbar to facilitate a ‘farmers market’ and provide for Not for Profit organisations such as ‘Lentil as Anything’,’ Feed Melbourne’, ‘Fare Share’, ‘Second Bite’ eg. centralized food sharing at Finbar – Food is Free project

Our project is being coordinated by ‘Kath Jones’ who has brought a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our project.  Kath has also implemented and is maintaining our ‘Compost exchange’ program by utilizing community members, house hirers and local cafes. Community members are encouraged to:

Finbar now has nine 'self service' aerobins that can be accessed by the community. The aim of these bins is for people to be able to empty their own compost buckets at a time that suits them.
Three bins are located on Finbars grounds, with access avaliable 24/7.
Six bins are located on Yarra Primary School grounds, with access avaliable Mon - Fri before 8:30am and after 4:00pm. Weekend access at all times.

Drop off a full bucket of kitchen scraps
Grab an empty bucket Swap & Go
Return your bucket full Collect a new bucket

Our seed library is now in operation:

Take some seed
Share some seed
Save some seed
Aided & working with ‘Melbourne Seed Share’ community members have access to seeds to try at home.  Our aim is to inspire people to grow at home by providing info & practical education about seed saving.

Kath is onsite every Monday and is available to help and answer questions.  Drop in and have a chat – bring your compost and collect some seeds.